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Acardpay was created as a private processor catering to a single high volume offshore merchant, catering to the specific needs of this merchant during inception and the deep relationship built with our acquiring banks, a simple fee structure approach was developed to help control the bottom line for the client. (With the advantage of world currencies versus the Chinese RMB, more could be done for every dollar earned, helping us reduce costs to the merchant, simplifying without reducing services to the end user.) Today Acardpay has used this model of transparency/simplicity to become one of China’s leading stable processors of debit and credit card transactions for businesses of all sizes and high-risk industries.

Acardpay is your single point of contact for VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, CUP Direct Payment, E-wallet and all On-line Sale solutions. As your one source in an industry of constant change and fluctuating hidden fees, Acardpay is leading the way with Merchant simplicity and transparent fees that merchants can count on. Processing with Acardpay not only improves your satisfaction and ease of transaction processing today, but it will also ensure a superior value proposition for the future, as your business grows and reaches milestones we actively in turn help reduce your costs, alleviate limitations and minimize reporting and tracking required by acquiring Banks.

Our management team has over 5 years of experience in the online credit card processing industry. We are passionate about providing and arranging you with the best solutions, fully customized to your specific business needs, despite your regional limitations, your industry and other compliance issues.


  • Grow our merchant base internationally and expand acquiring bank partnerships.
  • Maintaining both professional and fun workplace with a positive attitude.
  • Dedicated support towards our clients gives us an advantage over large competitors.


  • Our clients are treated with the same passion as if their business was our own or as if we were part of theirs.
  • We believe in being there for our clients, not just to get them approved, but long after they start accepting credit cards
  • Our team carefully reviews and analyzes each merchant and selects only a premium acquiring bank for placement.


  • We believe in discretion and in protecting our clients personal and business details.
  • We treat all clients as long-term partnerships and we do everything to keep these partnerships successful and active for many years.


  • We do our best to approve and place every merchant account applicant.
  • Our job does not end with arranging a payment solution. Our team works with the merchant when they need assistance, additional MIDs or optimization.


Transaction processing is our primary business. Acardpay is one of China’s growing private industry leader’s because we focus our energy on the needs of our Clients –streamlining costs, simplicity innovation and direct transparency in all communication. These core strengths differentiate us in the marketplace and allow us to help you the merchant best reduce costs, furthermore we have developed our platform and have the flexibility to alter, improve adapt any part of our system to cater to international changes in policies, specific business models and all terms involved with on-line processing.

You will immediately notice the qualities which make us apart from other payment providers. Our mindset is all about close business relationship. We achieve this by dedicating our time to your specific case, supporting you from the very first contact, application filling, selecting a bank and obtaining full solution, through integration, MID setup and all the way throughout your entire lifespan of accepting card payments on the arranged solution – everything through our personal dedicated agent support. Your agent is available to you via e-mail and Skype practically 24/7, including weekends.Get in touch and get a free quote.


& be pre-approved in less than 48h!

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