Analysis for potential customer

Online stores face very fierce competition. For ecommerce merchant, to run the store and receive payment worldwide, you have to make sure the payment option is enough for accepting customer with different payment methods. Credit card payment is one of the most frequently used way. There is always store entering the market, you can stand out among the many stores and it doesn’t matter when you comes in.  How to run an online store successfully. First point to emphasize is: you need to pay attention and analysis the buyer, your customer. You have to talk with your customers everyday and communicate regarding all kinds of issues around the order, product, service, concern, shipping, refund etc. How to  make sure the communication is smooth and satisfy the customer. The seller can do by multiple aspects below:

  1. To check the seller received comments from customers. After reviewing the good comments. Check the comments list for each transaction. Generally we can see there are always good, satisfaction, with the order and seller and the store, timely shipment and pleasant transaction experience. From the customer reviews, you can learn the potential customer personality and character information. And classify the style to estimate the risk level tentatively.
  2. To check the customer good comments rate: Good comment rate is a summary comments the customer gives at all sellers with whom he had purchased. It is a very important symbol and representative meaning. If the customer give 100% good comments, if not you check further.
  3. To check the history transaction products types: By reviewing the products in the purchasing history, we can learn the buyer’s general online purchasing type.
  4. To think at the buyer’s position: To stand and think at your customer side. Few people would try to niggle without any reason in purpose. For product such as computer, cell phone with high price, the buyer often have expended time to search, compare, consulting and learning, then pay and receive the merchandise which is not a fast easy progress.  So it is understood that there is some unavoidable dissatisfactory. So the seller can try to communicate with the seller and compensate accordingly.

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