Are digital payments secure?

For some reason, people believe that payment processing and fraud management solutions go separately. However, reliable payment service providers should offer effective fraud & chargeback prevention mechanisms.

Nowadays, a lot of payment processing solutions are out there, but I’d like to tell you about smooth, seamless, and secure payment experience provided by Acardpay.

Security is our top-notch priority, that’s why our payment gateway is PCI DSS compliant. Here are the features of our payment gateway in a nutshell:

Address verification;

Risk scoring;

Fraud management;

Geolocation estimation;

Data encryption.

In addition, we use a cutting-edge security system that uses a set of parameters to evaluate the transaction data. It may rely on the following aspects:

Card level restrictions. Setting a limit on the number of attempts to pay with a single card per day, you identify possible fraudulent activities before they announce themselves.

Email level restrictions. These restrictions include the number of attempts to pay with a single card under different emails per week, the number of purchases per week, etc.

IP level restrictions. These parameters may consist of IP blacklists, forbidden IP, BIN countries, etc.

As you can see, digital payments can be secure, but only if merchants use reliable payment processing methods.

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