AVL BAL*(Available Balance)

AVL BAL*(Available Balance):
Generally speaking, AVL BAL* is always less than or equal to the total balance because of holding period terms.
Of course,not only holding period terms,but also it is affected by refund,chargeback amount and withdrawal amount.

To make it simple,let’s give an example.

For merchant A, we set holding period 1 day.A start processing on 2017-01-01,and you will find that the AVL BAL* will be 0 on 2017-01-01 and 2017-01-02, then its value will be the same as A’s total balance on 2017-01-03 if there is no refund and chargeback.

But,if there is a refund occurred on 2017-01-02,and let’s say the amount is M. Then at this time,the AVL BAL* will show a negative amount on 2017-01-02,which is -M.

So here you know that there is always an agorithem as following:

 AVL BAL* = (Total balance) –

(Total approved net amount during holding period) –

(Total refund amount and fee after last withdrawal)-

(Total chargeback amount and fee after last withdrawal) +

(left available balance after last withdrawal)

so you know here,AVL BAL* can be a negative value.

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