B2B issues for shop owners

Let’s see what small business owners are thinking about B2B.  Small business need much bigger platform to do marketing, to receive credit card payment or payment by other method. B2B actually has come into fast growing period of market penetration. From overview, the market penetration rate is not bad, even reaches up to 90%. The small business has gone through from not familiar-not understand-know a little bit-understand much of it. However, the issues existed within the actual progress: business strategy, product problem, operation problem, shipping problems have been caused serious issues, which are required concerns.

Most of store owners think the price can not compete with distributor, therefore they turn around and give up B2B platform for product resources buying. Under the general situation in this environment, the store runner is very sensitive to price when they buy products. From the view of market law, merchandise can be classified as: price sensitive merchandise and price non-sensitive merchandise. For price sensitive product, you have to make sure the price advantage for your merchandise, before it come into being a competitive advantage. Without that, it is very hard for enterprise to survive.

Another opinion from store owners are: merchandise is not good. In specific, this includes: merchandise does not have brand name advantage, no category goodness,  it cannot satisfy store owner one-stop buying needs.

So all above, B2B is just a supplement stock channel. If B2B want to be a main buying resource for shop owners. It must gain merchandise advantage.

Due to most of B2B enterprise does not have the ability of stable product resource organizing. Short of supply is a very serious issue for them. It is also a cause for reduced re-buying rate from shop owners. The shop owner need stable and sustained product resource supplier guarantee.  If the product short for one time, twice or more, you lost your customer. The above issues still need attention for B2B enterprises.

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