“Break straight” stirs the interest chain: the fund company pays the cost increase UnionPay interface fee 300,000 yuan

The substantive extension of the company has been nearly one month, leaving room for market negotiations to be sufficient, and the interests of all parties to negotiate. The fund companies, banks, third-party payment, third-party agency sales have launched a new round of negotiations around fund sales… ….

It is reported that banks have strong bargaining power. Due to the increase in the cost of UnionPay’s interface, the cost of fund companies has increased, which has a greater impact on fund companies. Some fund companies also said that they may change the payment rules in the future, and the fund’s fixed investment may be affected.

Before June 30, some banks closed third-party withholdings. With the extension of “broken straight”, most banks have not cut off third party payment gateway interfaces. A fund person in Beijing said that only the banks of the Agricultural Bank of China and the minority people who really broke the direct link.

In fact, the “breaking straight” strengthens payment supervision, which essentially reshapes the interest chain structure. This “transition period” has won sufficient negotiation space for the market, and the fund company actively responded to negotiations with banks, third-party payment, and third-party agency sales.

From a number of fund companies, the industry has taken the following measures, including the fund company direct sales restart UnionPay fast payment, the fund direct negotiation fund purchase limit, the fund company to discuss the cost of third-party agency sales.

A person from the marketing department of a small fund company in Shenzhen said that there were few bank outlets in the fund direct sales. Now it plans to re-access the bank interface. Some time ago, it talked with some strong banks about the payment interface. Not only did the interface fee increase, but also required to pay the deposit. “These expenses are all the company’s own funds, and the banks can raise the conditions. The company can only wait and see the situation. The plan is currently suspended.”

The above-mentioned Beijing fund person said that the company directly connected to the UnionPay payment interface, but has not used it. Now if you want to use UnionPay to pay, you need to re-access the UnionPay Express payment. The interface fee is about 300,000 in 2 months, and the fund subscription amount There is a limit. “Every fund company and bank have different bargaining power, and there will be a big difference in the cost of the payment interface.”

A person from a new fund company told reporters that the company’s direct third-party payment is still available, but the bank’s deduction limit has been reduced, and some bank subscription funds have dropped to a minimum of 10,000 yuan per pen.

In general, due to “broken straight”, fund direct sales have been greatly affected. The above-mentioned Shenzhen Small Fund Company marketing department mentioned that, especially when the bank cuts off third-party payment, the new funds cannot enter, and the company has no way.

In addition, the sales of some of the company’s monetary funds mainly rely on third-party sales, and the expenses that are affected by this increase are also passively increased. The second-funded fund company said that the company’s monetary fund charges 2.5%. Sales service fee, 1.5%. The management fee, the former money fund can also make money; now the payment has been raised to 3.5%. Almost no money to earn.

A marketing department of a joint venture fund company told reporters that the new payment model may affect the fund’s fixed investment. The network has entered the testing phase, and the new payment system may require the customer to confirm each payment. In this case, it will increase the fund’s fixed investment process and affect the investor’s experience.

It is understood that because the network test does not have a final conclusion, in order to reduce the impact on the investment behavior of the basic people, some third-party payment needs to sign a fixed investment agreement when transferring the fixed investment plan. However, whether this expediency measure is in line with supervision is still inconclusive.

A large-scale public fund e-commerce department in Shenzhen also said that it has noticed the impact on fund sales and negotiated with banks and third-party payment negotiations, but negotiations may be a long process.

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