Chargeback Prevention

MERCHANT ACCOUNT PROTECTION – EVOLVED’s chargeback prevention services are truly second to none. With, you can utilize the anti-fraud profiles we have found to be most successful for the broadest set of cardholders. Or, our advanced gateway platform gives you the ability to create rules and configure settings with infinite granularity to maximize acceptance.

Our next-generation chargeback prevention tools are unique in that they give you the ability to run simulations so you can analyze how different fraud prevention settings would have impacted your actual past transactions. also offers chargeback protection in the form of an early warning system. Bank data, rapid response and automation are critical when it comes to chargeback prevention. Our chargeback prevention service can either forward you early warning alerts directly from the banks, or can leverage the automated chargeback mitigation features built into our payment gateway.

The lower your overall chargeback rates, the more transactions you can accept, and the more money you can make.

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