Continuous payment is invited to participate in the 2018 electric fair

Global e-commerce sees China, and Chinese e-commerce sees Hangzhou. From October 20th to 22nd, the 5th China (Hangzhou) International E-Commerce Expo was reopened at the Hangzhou International Expo Center. The current telecom conference was hosted by the Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government and the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce. Zhejiang Provincial Vice-President Zhu Congxi, Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zhou Jiangyong, Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Mayor Xu Liyi and other provincial and municipal leaders attended the meeting. ……

This year, the Expo will focus on the theme of “New Retail, New Business, New Consumption”, Xiao Lihua, Vice President of Alibaba Group, Joe Weinman, the father of new retail watcher “Cloud Economics” and corporate digital transformation strategist, and other global e-commerce companies. Leaders gathered in Hangzhou, and Alibaba, Netease, Lianlian Payment, Wal-Mart and other industry leaders were invited to participate.
On October 20th, the first day of the Expo, the Hangzhou International Expo Center was crowded. The continuous payment booth located in the digital economy theme exhibition area of ​​Hall B, which has the “black technology” of face recognition second-speed certification, and cross-border payment, mobile payment, account+, B2B e-commerce and other product displays, attracted many guests before Come visit, experience, exchange, and negotiate.

(Continuous payment booth is adjacent to Alibaba, which is highly technical and digital)

The person in charge of the continuous payment said that the Expo is a grand event in the global e-commerce field and a “Hangzhou stage” in the digital economy. Continuous payment is the leading independent third-party payment institution and the pioneer and leader of the industry’s payment solutions. It is also a well-known enterprise from Hangzhou to the world. At this year’s Expo, the company’s successive payment focuses on one-stop multi-store management and cross-border payment solutions.

At present, cross-border payment products can support Amazon, eBay, Wish and other six platform collection services, covering 16 mainstream settlement currencies around the world. In August of this year, Lianlian paid online cross-border payment WeChat small program to help cross-border e-commerce sellers manage account funds anytime and anywhere, and also support real-time lock-up, which is the first domestic cross-border collection function on the mobile side. product. On the withdrawal-to-account service, continuous cross-border payment shortens the time for the seller’s RMB withdrawal to “seconds”, which is only 2 seconds at the fastest.

After years of hard work, Lianlian Payment has gradually established a new capital network for SMEs and consumers around the world by integrating its own superior resources and product innovation, shortening the capital exchange cycle of cross-border e-commerce and enhancing global cross-border trade funds. Turnover efficiency has made outstanding contributions to the development of e-commerce in China and the world.

On the first day of the Expo, at the 2018 Global E-Commerce Leadership Summit, CEO Paul Pandong was invited and founder of the Scene Lab Wu Sheng, Wal-Mart China Senior Vice President Chen Zhiyu, Beibei Group Founder and CEO Zhang Lianglun, Alibaba In 1688, the general manager of the wisdom market, the pastoral and other industry, launched a wonderful round-table dialogue on topics such as “Electronic Business Innovation and Evolution in the New Retail Era”.

Pan Guodong said that new consumption is the stratification of consumption and a structural upgrade of consumption, which essentially satisfies the special needs of different consumer groups. Cross-border e-commerce “global buy, global sell” is an example of consumption upgrades. Continuous payment promotes the development of cross-border e-commerce industry and promotes consumption upgrade by providing a one-stop cross-border payment solution.

Following the invitation to participate in the roundtable dialogue of the 2018 Global E-Commerce Leaders Summit, on October 21, Pan Guodong will once again board the E-Commerce Cross-border E-Commerce Forum to give a keynote speech on “Building a Cross-Border E-Commerce Full-Service Open Platform to Help Industry Upgrade” . It is understood that the cross-border forum is one of the eight industry forums of this year’s electric expo, the theme is “new services, new opportunities, new challenges.”

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