Credit card usage

Using credit card to purchase online is very common. While some store charges transaction processing fee, some not. Why is that? And if merchandise purchased by credit card needed return, where does the refund issued?

As a matter of fact, credit card purchase does charge processing fee. Some store does not charge is because the fee has been undertaken by the seller. While some other store transfer the fee to consumer. For consumer when you buy something and it charges the fee, you can turn to other store to buy.

It is unavoidable that sometimes you may have bought something that looks different from the picture on the website. Or the size does not fit or other situation when you want to return a merchandise. If refund is requested, than where is the payment for the order refunded. And how long will it take? Obviously, if payment by credit card, the refund will be credited the same way to your card. The time for the refund procedure is generally 1-5 working days. The cross border refund takes longer at 2-4 weeks or more.

When you enjoy the credit card benefits and the convenience, you are also recommended to notice the card security in payment. Especially in credit card consuming peak time. As card holder, you have to make sure the credit card  using environment in safe.

In recent years, credit fraud across abroad tend to lead to domestic environment. The hack technology attack database to steal information, along with the new payment methods are developed. The credit card payment risk is taken on high technical, global and professional and diverse, according to bank officer.  The fraud risk control technology and method requirement is more and more high and the challenge is going to be big.

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