Declines reasons in online processing

Online merchant’s volume approval rate is affected by the situations and reasons in many ways.

In addition to the decline from bank system risk control  and customer side reasons. There are the following situation cause a transaction failed in third party payment processing.

  1. Network problems: The network down or failed to return timely happens, an processing order will be interrupted and cannot be completed. The order processing result is returned with timeout or failed. Sometimes, customer under such situation may submit again if the page does not feedback. The repeatedly submission will still get declined. The network problems doesn’t necessarily mean an charge request get declined. It happens that the money has been charged but the returned order status is failed. This is due the network issue occurred after the charge successful but not able to report back. This sometimes may cause customer complaint and chargeback. It is required the payment system timely check the timeout transactions and check reconciliation with the bank system.
  2. Bad cards: The declined transactions from bad cards are forbidden by the bank system and third party payment system. Bad cards such as: stolen card, restricted card, expired card, lost card means the transaction is not paid by the card holder himself. The transaction will get declined for illegal. If bad card transactions are too much, the merchant reputation will be affected. It is recommended to contact the customer for proof of authorization for such suspected order request.
  3. Other reasons: Transaction not allowed for card: this may from the customer issuing bank or the acquiring bank. The customer can try to contact the card issuer to check the declined details.

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