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Online business requires plenty of time and money input on marketing. During the store running, we could have missed a lot of details. And many of the details may affect your store on some extent, which is the very important fact that may ignore by seller.

For online store facilitated by payment processing  program, the store runner must make sure customer is not confused by the checkout page. Other than that, the seller is also recommended to pay attention on the courier service which may influence your store comments among customer. As many customer may have some complaints in their experiences of online purchasing. And the courier shipment service is varied according to different shipping companies in different areas. Many shop owner is worried about the customer complaints against the lost package which is caused by the courier service. However, if we diligently check with our customer on shipping address and advise the courier service name. If the customer dislike the courier service, he can tell the seller and the seller arrange switching to another courier company. After that we can be free of worry customer mistaking the shipping address. Also we can decrease the trouble that courier issue may cause.

The shipping address and the comment to other store: Please note this is very important. From other comments, we can get to know the general idea about the person.

The memo records: it is not avoidable that some customers have their special requests on details, such as: clothes does not have thread, the package must be with the latest date, the package has to be perfect; the shipping receipt does not have customer ids etc. Please keep those requests in record clearly and for your next time reference for this customer’s  fancy. So we are able to provide better service.

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