Domain for a web store

Survey data shows the online store owned independent domain has 25% more sales than the store without its own domain. The reason lies in the online store with own domain are more accessible and that will help promote the web store brand image.

A good domain like a enterprise or product brand, which represents a high quality website store. Except commonly used name, a brief, easy pronounced and memorable name is worthwhile. In general, people tend not to search an inconvenient website address with browser. Most of the time, we would prefer to guess or try a reasonable domain to access a website. If your website store domain name is very easy to remember and connect to the key business that stands out of other websites. Then your customer has get an good impression at your store image and strength.

First, brief and easy to remember, embodiment of the store’s characteristics.

Domain contained store name or business id will be very easy for customer to guess and remember. Especially for old customer, they will find your store fast anywhere after the first time accessing.

Second, reliable and manifest the store’s strength

A good domain is a business trademark, which is one of the important identifications. The good trademark will advertise itself and gain you a good effect.

Third, practical advertising media

After owning an exclusive domain, you can print it on your business card or other places that can shows the name in your store.

Fourth, long term strategy for creating a brand

When your business is expanded later, you want to create a brand of your own. You can use the domain to develop an independent store. By this way you are no longer limited in any platform of credit card payment.

Fifth, domain protection

Many people has realized the domain investment value very early and registered many domains ahead of time. So it is recommended the store owner to protect the name related with your store brand to avoid registration by others.

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