Fresh supplier offline and online combination

Started based on internet, fresh ecommerce supplier is not contented with only online market. They began to aim the offline market, but the Omni-channel exploration is not  going smoothly.  First of all, the payment method is required to be integrated as one-stop for both online and offline for merchant credit card processing, Ali pay, Wechat, etc. In insider’s opinion, either buy share of the existed physical supermarket, or directly build store of its own, fresh ecommerce supplier offline trials has been trend. Fresh supplier still get a lot of rubs to break through after the first trials in offline operation end in failure.

Establishing a  physical store is not easy. Site selection, staff training, customer group position and category, brand choice are all required to deliberate.  For fresh supplier which contains internet gene, is obviously not expert at this. Some delayed on store opening is probably because the late trunk of transmitting the equipment, staff training hold, electric circuit needed rerouted and other reasons. Many causes accumulated consequently lead to store opening time being delayed again and again. The store practice is much more complicated than imagination.

Some big suppliers are testing build scenarized shopping sight. Ecommerce retailer expand to offline in the first place aim to share the market, to gain the unreachable consuming group for online seller. The second is physical store of combining retail and catering is easier to provide secnarized consuming experience, which can stimulate customer desire to purchase more for promoting sales. Offline physical store is more easily to draw close between platform and consumers. The sensuous touch can bring closeness to customer.

By establishing physical store, fresh supplier can cut the time cost on cold chain logistic for reducing the cost. Store is consuming scene as well as merchant stock. It can somehow meet the customer satisfaction for delivery speed of fresh products.

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