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When you post a new item on your website store. You probably would be then expecting the traffic from customer increasing like exploded. As a online store owner, traffic of visits is so important. It directly affects your trading volume of payment processing. Other than the traffic by paid, we are going to discuss at the point of free traffic.

For new item posted online, the free traffic is secured by two points: 1. free traffic of searching especially through wireless terminal. 2. Homepage views volume from Brand ecommerce platform. For homepage views volume, quite a bit of views is from the part which is recommended to each particular user according to their like based on purchasing history. The principle for gaining this part volume is: To recommend the most likely to be purchased merchandise for consumer. In other words, in tag point of view: when your store tag and product tag more specific, your merchandise is more likely to be recommended in front of goal oriented customer in priority. Therefore from this point, you are advised to strengthen your store tag and new item tag.

First make sure the characteristic of your whole store’s main style and the price united.

The elements that decide product tag are: headline, main image, category, characteristic, details etc. Store tag is decided by the product tag. For example, your store sells shoes of which the price range is 84 to 187 dollars. Thus the store tag is very specific. If all item style are belong to “elegent”, the store tag is able to be defined as elegent.

Second guarantee the click rate for your new item posted in first week.

To promote the click rate, the emphasize is something you can control. Such as: main image, headline. Because it’s new item, as for trading number, price, etc. these elements are not under your control. Then note the relativity between headline and main image. As we all know when customer search, the conduction is conveying a kind of demand signal. If your main page can highlight the words with which customer is searching, your click rate is going to be higher.

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