Gain returned customer

Online web store is consisted with elements of customer, merchant, store. If an online store is running with constant revenue, than it must require to accumulate returned customers. Your store has good quality product with relative low price, that will attract customer and receive good comments. The customer want to buy similar stuff will go to your store the next time. Therefore the most vital token to attract returned customer is the product quality guarantee. And at this point, the quality plays more important role than price. If your merchandise sells with slightly higher price but with really good quality, it will be fine. As along with the online shopping crowd is growing gradually more rationalization, people won’t be always only attracted by the low price, they will pay more attention on the quality of merchandise.

Besides the shopper owner need to be patient and honest in communication with customer. When you describe the product, it should be in accordance with the actual situation. You don’t lie or exaggerate your merchandise. The answer must be quick as to reply customer question. You need to employ more customer service staff when the customer volume grows. It is also very important to find  a reliablethird party payment in order to keep a stable smooth payment processing.

The last the after sale service is very valuable for accumulating your returned customers. Many sellers doest not communicate or be indifferent to customer after sold the merchandise. They does not have the passion in replying questions after deal done. This is wrong. It probably cause you lose the customers and they won’t come back to your store. Especially for store selling clothes. The after sale service generally involves size not fit or exchange issues. In this situation, the seller is required to have the patience to help customer exchanging the right size. In the mean time, the store owner also is recommended to avoid malicious customer give bad comments by intention.

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