How to Get Merchant Services Without Requiring Large Security Reserves

Airline business is the wildcard of the credit card processing world. Every credit card processor wants a great airline in it’s book of business. It just doesn’t want the atomic bomb of chargeback risk that can come along if an airline goes out of business. For airlines, this makes finding a strategic partner for credit card processing a difficult challenge.

If it can be hard for a well-established airline to find a credit card processor, it might be said that operating a startup airline is the single hardest to establish merchant account on planet earth.

Having allowed myself to make quite a dramatic statement, let me dial it back a few steps. Regardless of whether you operate an established or startup airline, it’s not impossible to get credit card processing with small (or even no) security reserves. You just need to come to the table armed with the proper knowledge to negotiate effectively, and have a set of goals in mind before you begin the process. Even large airlines should have a plan of attack to have the red carpet rolled out if thinking about switching payment processors.

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