Improve advertising online store

Many online merchant need to advertise their store and product in order to improve and increase their products exposure, so as to attract customer for more transactions volume. Many stores accept payment by credit card, some also accept e-wallet and e-check, bank account etc. If your store are stuck with low processing volume, it is probably because you did not run it right, that means you have not tested out what is the good product in your store. You store has good product but you have not dig it out.

In order to advertise the online store, may sellers have thought of all kinds of methods. The most commonly used is to leave the website address online. While the sellers need to take care of doing this. As online website may be checked and ruled by third parties with updated policies. Spending a lot of time doing such works may cause bad result.

Many newbie store often add a link of their own store address when they replied the questions for online post. It been done in purpose of advertising their store and make known to others. However, many posting website forbid the frequent advertisement links. You have to learn what is not allowed. Or your account may be shut down and forced by penalty.

For some stores with a lot of refund ratio. Does the refund rate affect your store reputation? Well it has on some degree. That means your product does not fit customer expectation. Consequently your store rank will be influenced.

At last, you are recommended not to change your product frequently.

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