Intangible store

For online seller who owns website which sells all kinds of products, there are two main type of store: Selling tangible products and intangible products. They all accept credit card payment and other kinds of payment method for receiving payment from online consumers.

Intangible store literally means the website store selling virtual product. The product could be : gaming cards, virtual coins, call charges, game equipment etc. For newbie seller, start up by selling intangible product is easier than tangible product. As we all know the online website store’s reputation is very important. All newbie is beginning from ZERO reputation. For example, if you sell clothes. The customer comes into your online store and see no reputation shows there. She will not buy any clothes in afraid of poor quality. That is why many newbie selling tangible do not have any orders in their first month opening. Not because no customer coming, no one buy instead.

The advantages for intangible store is low criteria. Basically you can done with it by purchasing a charge application. And the risk of it is less than tangible store. It is not required courier and easy to go along with. If you want to have an online store but without a good product resources, the intangible store is not a bad choice.

Fast capital turnover. You can earn revenue by a charge app. And you don’t have to worry about overstore problems.

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