Online shopping in Asia

Chinese online consumer is increasingly attracted to shop abroad. And the number is over Indian consumers but a little bit fall behind Singapore. Chinese consumers are very like to shopping in Korea. While Korean consumers overseas are not that much. Payment processing for international customers are mainly by credit card: Visa/Master. And the most popular products for the card consuming is clothes, cosmetics and accessories. The Korea is one of most popular countries where consumer would like to shop. Also the digit product is also popular in Asian market.

While India online retail lays behind other Asian countries. The online consuming popularization is also low. In India, internet means phone, and it’s also the main method for cross border consuming. The most popular products are clothes, shoes and accessories, 54% customer did the shopping in these areas. Second rank is digit products, cosmetics and skin care products. In Japan, online shopping populization is the second in global ranks. Shopping online is very constant but it’s more tend to domestic shopping.

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