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Online payment system has been related with their merchants’ business processing in large extent. The merchant business model sometimes require the third party payment processor to develop new function or modify according to their unique needs. The merchant’s own transaction processing system integrated with the payment processor can be notified by the payment system instantly. How to develop and optimize the merchant system for their online customers.

If your customer has not confirm delivery for a long time. And your store is ruled by paypal or Taobao according to their policy on payment upon delivery fulfilled confirmation. You need to update your system setting for payment receiving time. After the customer placed an order, and checkout completed, than the delivery done, you can remind your customer if you have not received the confirmation for package received. Please login to your ecommerce platform account to change the setting. Sometimes caused by unpredictable and various reasons, the customer is unable to confirm the delivery online. If it is over 10 days as of  the shipping out time via courier. The system will automatically confirm the delivery done. If the purchase is shipped with ordinary letters, the system will update the delivery status 30 days later.

You can open the function of receiving payment without  time limit. So you can receive your customer payment in advance. Please login to your account and click payment release beforehand in the transaction management section on the left navigation of your account homepage. Here you can see how much money you can release in advance and the service charge for this. If it is your first time use this feature, you need to fill the personal profile and go through the cell phone verification. Please check next step after this step. Confirm again the amount you want to release and select “I agree the above and confirm”. Then enter your password. You are able to receive payment ahead of time now.

Refund procedure is a very important setting for online processing. As we cannot try the product for online purchasing. So the refund is also dependent on the system setting. The buyer need to login to their account and find the order in question and send the refund request to the seller. After that the customer need to wait for the seller to process within 3 days. After the refund being successful, you will receive a remind notifying your refund issued.

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