Online store orientation

Every online store has its orientation and identity. For example, some store is dedicated on big size woman clothes. Some is featured by literary and art style. Sometimes customer need is immeasurable without limitation. For clothes product, dress collection is a good choice. Single clothes product has to go with proper matches. So how should we set our the merchandise in our online store? What if the product is displayed in a mess.

Some people may think the more merchandise you posted, the more chances it may be browsed by customer. So it bring more visit and more payment processing volume. As a matter of fact, there is a lot of newbie seller of online stores hold this logic of thought. And we can see the online stores, the one with fewer reputation and customers volume has quite a number of merchandise displayed. While the big volume store, or the one of high reputation only posts 10% of the newbie store’s .

The second misunderstanding is some people think the more merchandise under the same category posted, and the more average of time assignment for posting and withdraw product, the more volume it will bring. Some newbie store does not have enough merchandise resource but want to post more products as possible. For example, one product has 20es similar images/photo, they will post it as 20es products on their store. In the beginning, it will bring them some orders. But 1 to 2 months later, you will find these products visits become less and less and the product sales becomes very bad, even turn to 0.

So there is a suggestion. Do not put products with different category and industry under the same new opened store. This has been done to avoid your store turned to a grocery store with all mixed products without a clear characteristic or feature.

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