Online store promotion

It is not that easy to run an online store. For online trading website owner, you have to setup all the function and assisting system to help transform the visits to actual orders. You can launch a sales promotion or advertising through third party marketing tool. For online shop who accept credit card, you need make sure the checkout procedure integrated with third party payment processor is smooth for your customer experience.

After the marketing campaign has been over, it is necessary to maintain the relationship with your customer and keep good customer service  after sales. Many sellers would appreciate their customers by lucky draw activities. This is for keeping old customers. And it is easier to keep an old customer than finding a new customer and the campaign effect is much more better. To summary the after sales and keep record. You will find the questions existed within it and to take proper measures to fill reinforcement. Therefore you accumulate the experiences for the next movement.

While in a promotion for your online store, the point is to pass out the sales information to your customer precisely and accurately. For physical store it is very easy, which is by past the promotion poster on the outside of the store. However it is very different for an online store. Because customer is browse ring on the internet, in other words, customer does not access a store by the “door”. So it is recommended to display campaign poster in every page that can be opened. So no matter where customer comes from, this make sure the customer is able to see your poster information.

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