Physical store transformation

Ecommerce business online platform abruptly rising has brought impact to every level of traditional physical store. As well as new concept and changes that come from the ecommerce. Payment industry is one of the elements developed along with the ecommerce. With the rapidly growing of ecommerce business, the requirement for different payment methods is presented. Chinese payment by credit card and the ecommerce business is mutually affected each other.

In recently years, by the following elements: ecommerce hit, the business real estate rental going up high,  and the consuming requirement structure adjustment, some cities traditional century-old shop being shut up. While some other shopping center and mall goes with exceptional cases. Under the new trend, by how they are able to attract the consumers.

Warm service, rich commercial, combined shopping center has been a new hit.

In IFS shopping mall, you can enjoy diversity life within the one place.  Each floor scattered with catering, entertainment, gym related platform. From book store, piano music, tea house, flower store to beauty world, gym center, it almost contains every aspects of life.

Focus on experience, campaign attraction, old department store added with vigor by transformation.  You can see the business sales areas have been cut down, the Shoppe quantity has been reduced, the hall width being broaden. Meanwhile bringing in catering and entertainment projects. The shopping center is trying to enable customer to feel the body and mind relaxation, rather than only direct merchandise and service provided.

Rich activities has attracted attention of many snappy dresser. The brand campaign such as beauty decoration, lady afternoon tea etc. and the fans meeting together, strengthen the users stickiness.

Compare with online shopping, the advantage of physical retail is mainly focused on service and consuming experiences.  Emphasize of experience, upgrading service, continually mixed business varieties, will be benefit to physical retail transformation.

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