Pre-dispute and Pre-dispute fee

With our cutting-edge technical in payment industry and strong power from our cooperative partner,We’re able to foresee those transactions which could be charged back in future.

These orders are confirmed dispute by the issuer,but haven’t been notified to us,so if we can refund them before chargebacks were filed enventually,it will help us a lot to save the loss of chargebacks.

The whole progress here is called pre-dispute,that’s,confirmed dispute,but hasn’t been flagged as a chargeback by the issuer/card scheme/acquirer.And,we will charge a fee when we handle this kind of case,which is called pre-dispute fee.

The processing of pre-dispute is taken as the most important anti-fraud and risk control weapon in acardpay which is also the most powerful core-competitiveness for merchants to tell us from other merchant account providers.

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