Product anti-fake code

In future consumer is expected to be able to view a series of product information after purchasing: date of manufacture, batch production records, merchandise attributes, and features etc. Tianmao ecommerce shopping center platform is planed to develop a new function for fast moving consumer goods area. It works like this, consumer scan the QR code, then enter the anti-fake code, and can see the information.  This can bee seen as third party payment self-developed function for their consumers.

Fake product has been an issue for FMCG industry for a long time. Especially in maternal and child industry. Due to the unknown element contained in product, it may cause some product heavy metal net content over the standard limit, which do harmful effect to human body. Some brand manufactures are influenced and their brand image got damaged by this.

For merchants, the scanning function for product information is made the merchandise’s resource and quality traceable, that help customer get to know what they purchased. For brand  manufacture, their standard product with good quality can be purchased by customer rest assure.

In the meantime, it also reduced the distance between customer and brand. One point worth mentioning is that the anti-fake code cannot be reached before scratch the coating after purchasing. If customer scan over once, the page will pop up warning, reminding the customer that the code has been verified before. The technology of one thing one code maximum prevents the code being faked.

It is noticeable that the function has been put into use at non-pharmaceutical areas and being quicken steps. It has also involves to food, wine and nourishing health products.

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