Ready-go program for tech support service providers

More and more tech support merchants sense that they’ve dedicated too much time,energe and money to their own websites themselves,but really it makes no sense.We acardpay insists that we should do one thing and do it extrordinary well.It’s better for them to pay more and more attention to their own business other than their websites.
Thinks that it could take 5 or 7 days to build one website, then 1 day to configure the server, then 2 days to configure the email, then another 5 or 7 days to integrate our payment gateway, it’s too long,isn’t it? During this period,your clients could be attracted by other competitors, won’t it make you feel frustrated? Markets change a lot soon, and chances pass by with no time, why can’t we do it in an intelligent way?Is there any option for merchants to avoid all of the mass above and run business in 2 or 3 business days? The answer is yes now with acardpay.

To serve the tech support business providers better,acardpay provides a package solution called ready-go program, if you accept our terms of use, you will get:

1)A free domain(You also can provide it yourself)
2)A free website with our own gateway
3)A free host
4)A free SSL certificate
5)A free mail server(You can define your own 5 email accounts at the most)

All of these will only costs you 700.00CNY(About 100.00USD) each month as a monthly maintenance fee, and will go well in 2 or 3 business days.

What you need to provide:
1)Website name
2)Domain name or some keywords related
3)About us(optional)
4)Contact us(optional)
5)Privacy policy(optional)
6)Refund policy(optional)
7)Terms of use(optional)
8)Some pictures(optional)
9)Plans or price page(optional)
9)Contact address
10)Toll free number(Most important)
11)Others you want to display on the website

For those optional items,if no valid documents are provided,we’ll copy some from other websites instead.

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