Ready-made module for cscart4.4.2

Ready-made module for cscart4.4.2


how to install

1)Unzip the file and open the paymethod.sql,cope the code, run it under the website datbase

2)copy all the file in the directory,upload to the root directory of website

3)Sign in the back-office of website, find Administration=>Payment Methods,click it.

4)Click the + on the top right of the page, when it prompt a dialog,input as following:

Name: Credit Card
Processor: Acardpay(CreditCard)
Payment category: Credit card
Payment instructions: Easily accept Visa,Matercard,Jcb payment online.

For other fields,leave it as default

5)When you select Acardpay(CreditCard),you will find a new button named “Configue” on the right, click the button and input the correct value you obtained form

6)Click the “Save” to complete the installing

Once you unzip our file, and find the following file or directory, please just ignore it:

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