Retail online and offline

The retail industry goes with ecommerce model and physical store ways. The online sales for retail have been enjoyed the new citizen dividend which also benefits the third party payment processor which blossom along with it.

The retail industry in first half of 2017, has blossom with new concepts everywhere such as: combining with off line and online, new idea of retail. Physical retail industry being with stores closing, shows the recovery  trend though.

As activist in retail industry, convenient store is certain to be key development direction for many retail enterprises. This year seems to be the year for traditional convenient brands’ accelerated expansion and running with full strength. For example, as a convenient store brand, owning largest number of shops in domestic, Meiyijia still has not slowed up its steps. According to the shops development growing chart in 20 years, Meiyijia’s target is to reach 11500 stores in 2017. This year in May, Meiyijia has reached its 10 thousand target.

The insiders professional pointed out that convenient attracts retail enterprise attention so much, because online volume dividend has been reached its peak, which hardly can provide more new development space. The combat for users is starting to swift to offline. On the other hand large store cost too much, convenient store’s small feature make the business model more flexible. May retail enterprises would rather choose convenient store as the testing ground for is new technology and new model. After new concept retail being proposed, convenient store is as a perfect scene for connecting offline and online running, based on the features of intense spot of branches and close to consumers.

Meanwhile, the slow profit problem is also the general difficult for convenient stores. The business target is for long term profit, which cannot gain quick recovery for this cost.

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