Shopping mall changes

Shopping mall is a high frequency consuming center, natural volume entrance. Over half of the new established shopping mall are located in China. However Chinese shopping mall have appeared a surplus trend on real estate. The ecommerce shopping mall on other hand presented a fierce competition, many domestic payment processor start to enter overseas market of the merchant credit card processing. In first tier city, the shopping mall competition is much more fierce. How to achieve differentiating and distinguished competition has become an important subject.

Resale industry is separated to two types: Self-supported, infrastructure.

Self-supported resale is relied on fast speed turnover. The new resale normally means adopt with new technology, apply to new consuming requirement, gain over average level performance of marketing effect. These are required review by time.

The new resale at least includes some new characteristic. For example, human, stock, site.

Human. Human is not invisible, fuzzy awareness in the past. But now we have technology which enables us to recognize, achieve and interaction. We can figure out a client hang on which floors and entered which stores, stayed how much time and fetched which merchandise. These will be valuable data for us.

Stock. The stock management is rural in the past. The new resale requires dedicated management for products. Because the stock is a satisfaction for needs, you want to match each need with accuracy. Only data-orienting  management based on each particular product can help achieve that.

Site. It was separated respective sales fields in the past. Now it is online offline mixed together and multiple scenes mixed. In the past it was geography centered, it is human centered.

It is a business model tramsformation.

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