social media to advertisement

It is worldwide that social media are the perfect partner with charged search engines. It is officially published that how Facebook and other social medias make profit from search engines. The social media raise brand profile and participation. Searching advertisement help increase brand visits traffic and bring up potential customer, so as to increase sales volume.

It is also welcomed in credit card payment areas. When merchant start to invest on social media, things will change. Social media advertisement market is developed based on price bid. It put ad to market according to position and people interests and fancy. It is kind of similar with google and other search engines’ key words advertisement which is processed by price bid. This feature enable social media build a large advertisement business and make simplify the mechanism of enterprise purchasing ad.

During the last year, some large social media brands issued the product of which the model is using the opposite side’s experiences. The products is aimed at mobile equipment as their core business. On the other hand, in the social media use, more and more customers are searching products by social media platform. While it’s pointless for search engines. But it does require sales people to deliberate over the gradually bigger influence of social media to merchandise searching and information collection.

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