Terms of use

  • The base currency of merchant account with acardpay is in CNY,but we can clear the funds to any bank with any currency.
  • The amount of approved transactions will be held for some days before you can withdraw the funds to your bank account. It ranges from 20 days to 30 days for new set-up business.
  • Your buy rate(discount rate) is lower if your settlement currency is CNY or you’re a tangible products seller.
  • 10% of each approved transaction’s amount will be held for 180 days, then auto return to your balance.This is called rolling reserve.
  • All websites should be submitted and business compliant before real processing
  • Redirected payment page is FORBIDDEN on any website
  • Tangible products sellers are required to upload tracking information
  • Merchants whose chargeback rate is over 8% will be warned and fined 2,800 CNY(about 400USD),also we’ll charge double chargeback fee; when over 12%, we’ll charge triple chargeback fee;when over 15%,we’ll delay and suspend your payout.
  • Merchant who processed over 3 months with monthly volume beyond 200,000 USD or chargeback rate lower than 5% can request a low buy rate and short holding period.
  • Merchant account with no processing over 3 months will be terminated.
  • Unstable monthly volume may delay your withdrawal.
  • Your holding period, fees and rates are determined by these key factors: volume,chargeback rate,business type and so on.
  • For high volume merchants,we have better terms.Please go to “contact us” page and send us an email.

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