Visa Chargeback Reason Code 72: No Authorization


The issuing bank received a transaction for which authorization was not obtained. The most common cause is not obtaining an authorization for a transaction or, for card present, obtaining it after the transaction date. For Automated Fuel Dispenser (AFD) transactions, the issuing bank may only chargeback for amounts exceeding certain thresholds.

Required Media:

The authorization code along with date and amount of authorization, if other than the transaction date and amount.

Merchant Responses:

If authorization approval was obtained, inform your acquirer of the transaction date and amount.

If authorization approval was not obtained, accept the chargeback.


Always obtain an authorization before completing transactions. The authorization request is sent automatically when you swipe the card and enter the dollar amount. A receipt is printed if the transaction is approved; if it is not approved, you will receive a Decline (or Call Center or Pick Up) message on your terminal.

If you are unable to get an electronic authorization because your terminal isn’t working or because the card’s magnetic stripe cannot be read, you can request an authorization either by key-entering the transaction or calling your voice authorization center. If the transaction is approved, be sure the approval code is on the sales receipt in the appropriate space; in the case of a voice authorization, you will need to write it on the receipt. You should also imprint the embossed account information from the front of the card on a sales receipt or manual sales receipt form, which the customer should sign.

Floor limits are zero for all card-not-present transactions with the exception of some lodging programs. Always obtain authorization regardless of the dollar amount of the transaction.

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