What payment gateways are available to process international payments in an e-commerce website?

To be completely honest, there are literally hundreds of different payment gateways to choose from that can all process international payments for an e-Commerce website. Processing international payments can prove challenging for many companies, however, because of the need to perform both authorizations and settlements in foreign currencies.

To be able to do so, a business must establish an official presence (merchant account) in each of the countries within which services are provided, in addition to partnering with an acquirer offering cross-border transactions and currency conversion services. Conversely, if there is only a need to conduct business in a single currency, businesses are free to partner with any processor supporting the desired currency.

Typically, the choice of a payment gateway is also based on a wide variety of additional criteria (transaction pricing, ease of integration, availability of specific features, etc.). So, depending on the features and functionality you require of a payment gateway, your choices may vary. Not knowing the specifics of your particular situation, I’ll have to give you a more generic answer – but all the information I provide will point you in the right direction.

If you require only the most basic functions of a payment gateway,Acardpay is widely available .

Additionally, if you are a startup merchant, your choices might be limited significantly to just one or two payment gateways that are willing to partner with you. This is primarily due to the high risks associated with startup failures and low transactional volume not generating enough profit to justify the risks assumed.


Choosing a payment gateway for international e-Commerce transactions will require you to determine which features and services you want your gateway to perform and what countries (and their respective currencies) you wish to accept. Once you’ve determined those aspects, you can partner with any payment gateway who provides those services at rates you can manage. Startups face additional challenges in finding a payment gateway because many aren’t willing to assume the financial risks associated with a startup venture.

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